Dudo Safaric | July 7 2018

A day in Germany with Snauwaert.

At the beginning of this summer, we entered the European market and the start has been spectacular. Germany is breaking records with sales!

One of our ambassadors Dudo Safaric tells us his secret for this spectacular start. “Personally, I carefully tested all racquets to feel the difference from comfort to performance! I am 100% Sure that Snauwaert serves the best quality Products to all Kinds of Tennis players Everybody can find one for themselves.” Dudo tells us that he finds the racket that fits perfectly with the level and type of game of each player.

The reviews of the players are rewarding. “You can really feel the difference!” “Racquet is playing for me”! “I feel too much confidence in all my shots”

Dudo Safaric



Dudo Safaric | August 13 2018



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