Kenny Kukita | August 6 2018

All Japan Inter high school Tennis tournament




The 75th National High School Tennis Tournament has started this August 2nd. It consists of a very popular tournament in Japan where the 3500 high schools compete among themselves to be the best high school tennis in Japan.

The tournament has a qualifying phase in each of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Only 1 team from each prefecture goes to the final table where they will compete nationally with the other prefectures to win the title.

This year the Snauwaert team has managed to qualify for the national phase with enough superiority.

Snauwaert is gaining more and more presence in Japan. Since the year 2016 was established in Japan the annual growth is close to 200%.


Kenny Kukita



Kenny Kukita | January 23 2019


RYUHEI at Melbourne Wheelchair Tennis Open.

Kenny Kukita | November 8 2018


Big Win for Ryuhei

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