I love sports and in particular tennis and basketball. Any time I have the chance I ride my MTB I am a resilient leader and a team builder with 26 years of proven success in Business and Innovation Management in Sport equipment industry. My good balance between creativity and disciplined management drives teams to results. I have a natural disposition to understand different disciplines and that makes my work productive in all company functions and with business partners. My entrepreneurship and wide-ranging view can expand the initial scope to explore new directions and find additional business opportunities. Since July 2017 Snauwaert srl, Snauwaert Japan Inc, Snauwaert Inc USA Founder and CEO Snauwaert Srl, based in Lodi, Italy, is a direct-to-consumer racquet sports manufacturer dedicated to serving the sport of tennis and its players. Snauwaert Srl. manages operations in Europe and oversees sales and promotions in two additional subsidiaries, Snauwaert Japan Inc., and Snauwaert Inc. USA. Founded in 1928, and active in Japan and Belgium since 2016, the brand announced its full re-launch in 2018. Throughout its history, Snauwaert has delivered some of tennis’ most game-changing products, resulting in 66 grand slam titles and has been played by many of the sports most beloved athletes. Since June 2013 NOXI, Network for Open and Cross Innovation. Italy. Founder and President NOXI is a private network promoting Italian excellence in technology and R&D; individuals, design firms and enterprises with high innovation Content. We discover, develop and validate ideas, products, designs and technologies; we bring together the excellence and empower the economic success in the market; we propel and drive projects. Sept 2001 – July 2012 Prince Sport Int. USA, Italy VP, Technology transfer, R&D and Sourcing R&D for racquets, hard goods and footwear and Sourcing (running the offices in Italy and Taiwan, 10 people); created one of the most advanced innovation center in the sport industry inventing and developing real and best-selling technologies IP: concept definition and patent application of innovative technologies; more than 40 patent applications in 10 years in all sorts of sporting goods, from archery to ice hockey sticks, baseball bats and ice figure skating frames Technology transfer: devised and established a new Company Division to extend and commercialize proprietary racquet technology into all sporting goods. Starting from secured specific IP, search for customers - all market leaders like Reebok and Hoyt; contract definition; design, development and production kick-off. April 1997 – April 2001 Project Leader – ski boots R&D for ski boots and inline skates: Invention and development of Soft, the first hybrid Polyurethane – Fabric, the most comfortable ski-boot ever made Implementation of Project Management and Product Development best practices. For the first time, sales campaigns started with all samples delivered and production kicked off as originally planned. Record in ski boot sales in year 2000 September 1992 - April 1997 Aprilia S.p.a. Italy Program Manager – motorbikes R&D, project management for new motorbikes. Main projects: BMW enduro bike with implementation of BMW QA procedures and Area 51 50cc, the most extreme scooter ever designed. Program manager for the first 1000cc road bike (RSV1000) and bi-cylinder engine (with Rotax), opening a new market segment and starting the participation to the World Superbike Championship.

Roberto Gazzara | April 29 2020


LET’S START AGAIN, together and even more safely

Roberto Gazzara | May 15 2018


Legendary Snauwaert Brand Re-Enters European Tennis Market

Roberto Gazzara | March 7 2018


The Innovation of Snauwaert

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