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Black Beam

The Snauwaert Black Beam string is a monofile polyester string. It offers a perfect touch speed and spin to your tennis game. We additionally increased durability and reduced tension loss. The Snauwaert Black Beam is available in 2 diameters. The Snauwaert Black Beam is the ideal string for playe...


Sunny Core

The Snauwaert Sunny Core is our multifilament string. It imitates natural gut resulting in a great ball acceleration and optimal arm protection. We used power ribbons for the core and the surface coating. Those power ribbons can move freely within the core. To create a special effect we colored t...


White Beam

The Snauwaert White Beam is an all-round monofilament string. It brings sensational ball control, optimal arm protection and excellent playing properties to your tennis game. To ensure minimal tension loss and less pressure on the joints we develloped a unique material composition that increases ...


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