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Player Package

Buy a Player Package for € 449 and save 20%. 2 Strung Rackets1 Tennis bag 6 pk3 Cans of Clay Court Balls1 Towel


Junior Package

Buy a Junior Package for € 169 and save 15%. 1 Strung Junior Racket (Carbon)1 Tennis backpack1 Can of Clay Court Balls1 Towel


Pro Player Package

Buy a Pro Package for € 650 and save 20%. 3 Strung Rackets1 Tennis bag 6 pk6 Cans of Clay Court Balls1 Towel1 Overgrip *1 Replacement grip ** * Light rackets come with a white overgrip, regular rackets come with a black overgrip. ** Light rackets come with a white replacement grip, regular racket...


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