David Contois | April 14 2018

How to Demo Properly

How do you demo racquets ? I have been putting players in the proper racquets for 30+ years. It’s really simple.

  1.  You need to know the player, they’re personalities, goals, playing style, swing speed, strength and then put a racquet in they’re hand that will make life easier.
  2.  You also need to be educated on every racquet you recommend. Know how it will effect the player, how it will ad power or control, if it will be easy for them to maneuver, will it give them confidence, is the balance correct for them.
  3.  I don’t sell people racquets, anyone can do that to make a buck. I put players into a racquet for they’re sake-not mine. It’s not about me, it’s about the player you are servicing.
  4. I’m talking about something very serious here-the players (fun) people put tennis before a lot of things, they put off lawn work, laundry, sometimes even work. Tennis playing fun is what some identify with. If you ask seven people at my indoor tennis club this question: What are you?
    1. answer: A. tennis player. B. mother/father. C. wife/husband. D. Gardner. E. Insurance executive.
    2. So if you think I take this lightly-this Ambassador thing-you are mistaken! Being passionate about tennis is one thing, having a great product such as Snauwaert tennis to make this game more fun is ridiculous. It’s epic. I Love this new line of premium tennis racquets, strings and grips. When the rest of the world finds out about it too-better fasten your seat belts kids, it’s gunna be a wild ride. I am very proud to be a pivotal piece of this new generation of tennis awesomeness. Get your hands on one, demo it, fall in love like I did. Life is too short to use average equipment, get a Snauwaert and live happier ever after. ***CAUTION! side effects from using Snauwaert products may include but not limited to: bouts of shear joy, laughing out loud, ear to ear smiles, uncontrollable waving of the hands, jumping up and down, urge to want to play longer and unbridled happiness-

David Contois
Director of Tennis Twin Hills Country Club Longmeadow, Ma.
Elite Ambassador Snauwaert Tennis

David Contois



David Contois | March 8 2018


White glove concierge service

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