John March West

U.S  standard Ambassador 

-Independent Tennis Contractor
– Owner, Tennis Life Solutions
– Co-Founder, Jacqui’s All-
    Abilities Tennis Foundation
– USRSA Racquet Tech.
– Asst. Coach @ DHHS
– 41 yrs. in the Tennis Industry
Hi! I’m JohnMarck of  “Tennis Life Solutions”; and humble Ambassador for, Snauwaert!
  I grew up in the San Jose California area. And have been living in southern Utah for the past 15 years. We could call my area Zionwaert, because I live within 30 miles of the Majestic Zion National Park.
  I began learning how to take care of tennis equipment and stringing racquets at the young age of 7. My father would not let me play on court, until I knew how to take care of my equipment.    Little did he know that he created a monster.
  By age 10 I was entering and playing competitions. Bringing my Stringer to the tournaments. stringing for other people in between my matches! I love the Tennis Life so much that I’m still finding immense joy fitting people into their arsenal of ball destruction!
I’m so impressed with Snauwaert equipment. Quality and power  emanate from the rackets.  More importantly. I feel right at home with the way Snauwaert is presenting and bringing their equipment to the world. My white glove concierge service just got even better, now that I am on this team.
  As your ambassador. I am here to learn and grow with you. My experience, knowledge, and networking will be used to guide and simplify. My desire of continued education of products  in the tennis industry help you and I both evolve and grow with this game.
  It is my duty to develop and continue our relationship that revolves around tennis and a better life! This is a lot deeper than just selling you some tennis products. This is about making you feel right at home. Like I do.   Once you begin using Snauwaert.  You also, are on the team. You’re part of our family!  We have your back! 
Believe me. All you have to do is take hold of one of these racquets. Then you’ll know!! It’ll click. Overwhelming feelings of Joy, Peace and Confidence will flow through you and emanate off of you. This is so awesome!
Contact me today for a private fitting/consultation. Let’s get started on a better life! I look forward to encouraging you and guiding you to a place in which you never have dreamed possible




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