Roberto Gazzara | April 29 2020

LET’S START AGAIN, together and even more safely


For us, in Snauwaert, tennis is a passion and a value more than a business and we express it in our motto: WE SERVE TENNIS, WE SERVE PADEL.

In these weeks, while we are all eagerly waiting for the restart, we have carefully analyzed all the situations that can take place in the practice of our sport and we want to offer the opportunity to

increase the safety conditions of the court and during the game,

a completion and improvement of all legal and regulatory precautions

Our idea was to find a solution that would allow to


and the surfaces with which a player can come into contact DURING the game.

We specifically thought about how to sanitize the play-area in a short time and at a low cost during the change of players.

With our solution, you can sanitize the benches, the fences, the net, and the court surface itself. In the case of padel courts, also and especially the glass walls.

Every player entering the court will know that he will play in a sanitized and much safer environment.

Snauwaert is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with Velvet Italia, to distribute, in all sports facilities in Europe


S3 – SNAUWAERT SPRAYER SYSTEM: The equipment, made in Italy, for the nebulization of a mixture based on hydrogen peroxide formulated according to the indications of the World Health Organization.

Specifically, S3  is a nebulizer with a range of up to 9 meters, with rechargeable batteries (no need to connect to any socket during use!) with a tank of either 55 or 110 liters ( two options to choose from), equipped with wheels, easily and quickly transportable as a trolley in every court of a club.

Of course, the same nebulizer is particularly suitable for sanitizing all areas, including changing rooms, bathrooms and Club House.

We supply a kit that includes the machine and either 4 or 6 cans of 25 liters of liquid disinfectant.

Starting on May 1st you can order only on our website  


Roberto Gazzara



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