Kenny Kukita | January 23 2019

RYUHEI at Melbourne Wheelchair Tennis Open.

Tokyo, Japan, January 15, 2019 Our young player RYUHEI TACHIBANA (JWTA Jr. 3) begin the year with an incredible SF result on the 1st ITF wheelchair tournament of the year.

“We are very proud that Ryuhei represents us, his passion and perseverance align perfectly with our vision in the sport of tennis.” Kenny Kukita, General Manager of Snauwaert Japan. 

K.Kukita: How was your experience is Australia?
Ryuhei: Australia is hot and dazzling, but it is a lot of fun.

K.Kukita: Of all the snauwaert racquets which one is your favorite?
Ryuhei: My favorite racket VITAS 105 lite , sweet spot is widely easy to use. 

K.Kukita: What do you expect for this year?
Ryuhei: I will practice hard and try to do my best for the tour in 2019.


Ryuhei raised up to world ranking #31 ITF as youngest world ranker in the world. 

Kenny Kukita



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