Sergi Espias | July 30 2018


Since the founding of Snauwaert in 1928, Spain has always been one of the main markets of the brand. The passion for tennis and competition in the country has always made players look for new ways to improve their level of play.

Just 1 month ago the brand opened the doors to the European market and the results are surprising with Spain and Germany leading the sales. Snauwaert intends to return to tennis hegemony in Spain as he did with wooden rackets.

Our Country Manager, Sergi Espias tells us a little more about the return of the brand and the current situation in Spain. “Snauwaert is a brand that is well known by adults but totally unknown by young people who do not know that we have more than 50 Grand Slams in our record, we are a brand with a lot of experience and the best products on the market. Players feel an indescribable sensation when they play with a Snauwaert racket, they notice how their game instantly improves “

Sergi tells us a bit about how they are focusing the next months of Snauwaert in Spain. “We are in the process of sponsoring clubs, recognized coaches and players to expand the brand quickly through the Iberian Peninsula, we have started off on the right foot, getting many sales in Catalonia, above all. The products of the brand speak for themselves, so I have no doubt of the expansion that the brand will have in the coming months. “


Sergi Espias



Sergi Espias | October 17 2018


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