our philosophy

We’ve chosen to be a company that places product, innovative design, and performance at the core of everything we do.

We’re prepared to be misunderstood. The adept leaders of innovation are ready to be misunderstood as the market catches up with them. They hold a long-term vision and defend it.


We pursue genuine innovation,
not just surface-level changes.

Genuine innovation is the smart response to an end-user’s need, whether it’s overt or latent. It’s easily recognizable and sets the product apart from the competition. It extends the product lifecycle.


We conceive and design
our products in Italy

We conceive and design our products in Italy, drawing from a deep understanding of both past and present gameplay, player-racquet interactions, and accurately interpreting the developmental trends of tennis and padel for the future.

our commitment

Serving today's youth with racquets and other products that aid in their athletic growth and that they'll need in the future.

Catering to players who have already developed their own playing style with a comfortable and high-performing racquet that allows them to express their full potential.

Assisting adults new to the game in enjoying themselves and reaching a minimum level of skill to foster a passion for the game, crucial for continued practice.