Behind the Racquets

Discover our passionate leaders and emerging talents who, with tireless dedication, craft legendary racquets and redefine the future of tennis and padel.


22 years in racquet business, former VP of R&D and Sourcing in Prince, designed and prepared racquets for Sharapova, Ferrer, Ferrero, Coria, Davydenko, Brian Brothers, Monfils and many others. He personally designed the HI-TEN.

Operations Manager

Started his University internship in Snauwaert in 2019, made his way up to his current position, bringing freshness and the pov of a young sportsman. Lorenzo coordinated the many activities related to the HI-TEN project.

fran sinnaeve
Graphic Designer

Talented designer and founder of Bagheera Studio, with her Belgian taste, successfully combined heritage and modern look in the graphic design of HI-TEN

karl snauwaert
Strategic Advisor and Distributor in Benelux

Nephew of Valler, the founder of the brand in 1928, brings the family values and the legacy of more than 90 years of tennis history. He is also very successful in selling and promoting in Benelux and act as a strategic advisor to our CEO.

marco speronello
Professional Player and Test Leader

Extremely talented player, played several tournaments at ITF and made it hard to top 100 ranked opponents. Marco, with his incredible feeling and talent helped tremendously in the development and fine tuning of HI-TEN.

seigo teraoka - "terry"
GM Snauwaert Japan

Former hi-level player, as GM is guiding our growth in the country of the rising sun. Terry personally managed the many hours on the court with Japanese pro players to verify that the HI-TEN matches the needs of modern game across the world.

davide cini
Marketing Manager

With more than 30 years of experience in the communication field, Davide Cini is an eclectic and ambitious entrepreneur at Snauwaert disposal, ready to share know-how, passion and results!

Iacopo Zagaglioni
Promoter and Tester

Iacopo organizes tennis and padel events, creating memorable experiences and strengthening the Snauwaert community. A certified padel instructor, Iacopo is also a player-captain (VITAS Tour) for the Centro Padel Firenze team.

Andrea Botticelli
Sales Manager

A former ranked tennis player, Andrea has 30 years of sales experience with Wilson and Dunlop and is recognised as a reference person in the tennis and padel market. He directly manages the Italian market and coordinates a team of 7 sales agents selected by him.