Snauwaert team Italia: unstoppable method, competence and passion


At the conclusion of every tennis tournament, champions express gratitude to their team for their victory. The formation of a winning team necessitates a blend of passion, expertise, dedication, and methodology. These qualities are exemplified by Snauwaert's Italian team, recently showcased in Florence. Herein, we present the key figures behind Snauwaert's success.

Roberto Gazzara: CEO

With 22 years of experience in the racquet industry, Roberto has designed and manufactured racquets for champions such as Sharapova and Ferrer. Since 2018, he has been guiding Snauwaert with passion and expertise, leading the brand to once again be a benchmark in tennis (and padel).

Davide Cini: Marketing Director

With over 30 years of experience, Davide is the communicative soul of Snauwaert. His passion for racket sports and his specialized skills make him essential to the team.

Lorenzo Patron: Operations Manager

Joining as a trainee in 2019, Lorenzo quickly supplemented his skills with experience and is now Head of Operations and Accounting. Young and dynamic, he coordinates the supply chain and commercial distribution in Italy, with the Subsidiaries and the various Distributors.

Andrea Botticelli: Sales Manager

A former ranked tennis player, Andrea has 30 years of sales experience with Wilson and Dunlop and is recognised as a reference person in the tennis and padel market. He directly manages the Italian market and coordinates a team of 7 sales agents selected by him.

Marco Speronello: Triveneto Sales Agent

One of the most talented players of the last 30 years in Italy, he has also beaten some top 100 ATP players and still plays in the Bundesliga and Serie A. Marco now promotes Snauwaert with a particular focus in the Triveneto region and contributes to product development with on-court testing.

Gianluca Palombini: Lazio Sales Agent Gianluca, with his agency KUMA SRL, has been promoting some of the leading sports brands in Lazio for over 20 years, and is also the owner of TC Casalotti and a certified coach. Well liked and respected in the tennis and padel community in and around Rome, he is rapidly expanding and strengthening Snauwaert's presence in the region.

Daniele Mutinelli: Lombardy Sales Agent

Founder of the DM68 Srl agency in 1990, Daniele with Andrea Boccaletti brings over 30 years of experience to the team, enthusiastically promoting the Snauwaert brand in the region with the most tennis and padel players.

Luca and Giorgia Rellini: Agent Piedmont and Liguria

Luca and Giorgia, with more than 20 years of experience with their own agency, have always been successful in building their sales network, actively participating in marketing and promotion activities at events, tests and demonstrations in the region.

Alessio Giacomelli: Sales Agent for Molise – Umbria – Abruzzo – Marche

With more than 30 years in the industry, Alessio founded AG Trade in 2011, bringing his vast experience and professionalism to the Snauwaert team. His extensive network of clients and contacts in sports, particularly tennis and padel, will speed up Snauwaert's growth process.

Germano Fiorillo: Campania Sales Agent

Germano Fiorillo has been in the field for 30 years, and not just the padel and tennis field; he has independently managed Eastpack, Wilson, Nike ACG, and Atomic among other brands. Germano has become passionate about the quality of Snauwaert products and is personally committed to increasing ns success.

Fabio Li Brizzi: Sicily Agent

Active since 1988, Fabio continues the family tradition in the sports industry, with more than 30 years of experience in selling sports brands. A new member of Team Snauwaert, we have high expectations, knowing the passion for tennis and padel in Sicily.

Iacopo Zagaglioni: Promoter and Tester

Iacopo organizes tennis and padel events, creating memorable experiences and strengthening the Snauwaert community. A certified padel instructor, Iacopo is also a player-captain (VITAS Tour) for the Centro Padel Firenze team, which has recently secured entry into the FITP Padel Serie A.

The Snauwaert Italia team combines professional and personal backgrounds rich in experience and competence. Each member contributes to making Snauwaert rackets synonymous with precision and excellence. With method, competence and passion, Snauwaert continues to write the history of tennis and padel.